The Shop

Community Woodworking is an open to the public wood shop. We strive to provide a safe, well maintained and organized facility. You’ll have access to the tools needed to explore your craft and to create something beautiful.

Our facility offers shop space dedicated to the wood shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I operate a business out of the club?
Though we do have standard members selling what they make at the shop, we have separate commercial rates for those operating any type of business venture, high-volume production or anything that goes beyond standard usage. It is at the staff’s discretion as to what is categorized as a commercial member.

What about safety?
Safety is our paramount concern. It is every member’s responsibility to abide by the safety rules we establish, OSHA standards and to always ask for guidance. If any member feels unsure about a tool or procedure they should seek assistance. All members are to keep the safety of others in mind first and foremost. There is a wealth of knowledge (available in our store and elsewhere) addressing the safe operation of tools and wood shop etiquette. Staff will always have this as their first priority in operations. We also require an annual safety certification to be taken.

May I join even if I don’t have any woodworking experience at all?
Yes. One of our knowledgeable staff members will walk you through the operation and safety procedures for each tool in the shop. For those just getting started, we recommend that you take our Fundamentals of Woodworking class. Check with the staff for details.

Will I feel out of place there, I don’t have a lot of experience at woodworking?
No, unless you feel out-of-place everywhere else. But even then, we have great people and a great community that will help you feel welcomed and part of our family. There is an eagerness to share, advise and assist that seems to be innate in many in our community of woodworkers and staff. Members are happy to see new faces and share in your new-found love of wood-working. We all remember where we started.

What do I need as far as equipment or supplies?
Very little, a tape measure, a pencil, and an idea. You may bring your own wood and supplies, or purchase them at our retail store. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and eager to assist you in getting started.

May I store projects at the shop?
Not at this time.  In the near future this will be an option.  CW will keep members updated as this becomes available.